About Jubilate Vocal Ensemble

Our Director, Members, and Music

Jubilate’s Director

Eldon McBride received his early music training in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He completed an ARCT degree in piano performance in 1982 and a Bachelor of Sacred Music degree at Canadian Bible College in 1986.

Eldon McBride

After settling in Toronto, he served as a vocal accompanist for the Calbes Voice Studio, Director of Music Ministries at Rexdale Alliance Church, Music Director of the worship-leading choir, Celebration of Praise, and Personal Assistant to Canadian operatic tenor, Ben Heppner.

He performed frequently on national radio and television and in concert with Ben Heppner, Gary Relyea, Mark Dubois and Eleanor Calbes.

In 2008, Eldon relocated to Surrey, BC where he ministered for eight years as the Associate Worship & Arts Pastor at Peace Portal Alliance Church.

He is currently serving as the choir accompanist and service pianist at Clearbrook Mennonite Brethren Church in Abbotsford, and as the Music Director for two local community choirs: the Jubilate Vocal Ensemble in Vancouver, and Frontline Voices in Surrey.

Our Singers

Jubilate members are a diverse group of strong singers, including professional and amateur musicians, music teachers, composers, and conductors. We share a love for choral music and a commitment to highlighting the work of talented Canadian composers.

Elaine Yale
Lindsay Salkeld
Shelley Brown
Cherylynn Cairns
Katerina Gimon
Barbra Allen Bradshaw
Alison Plesko
Janet Hill
Stephanie John

Lia Wolfe
Michele Culter
Heather Deal
Ilana Pearson
Caroline Lempert
Colleen Midmore
Donna Brown
Kathryn Webster
Kirsten Hinz
Elaine Drysdale
Megan Neary

Robin Salkeld
Mike Bote
Kevin Tremblay
Jordan Hiller
Graham St-Laurent

George Fitch
Will Wendowsky
Gordon Francis
Wesley Yale
Len Beaty
Jim Colbert
Alan Imbach
Howard Bartel
Douglas Watts