Jubilate Vocal Ensemble | Singers
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Jubilate members are a diverse group of strong singers, including professional and amateur musicians, music teachers, composers, and conductors. We share a love for choral music and a commitment to highlighting the work of talented Canadian composers.

Brown, Shelley
Cairns, Cherylynn
Hill, Janet
Morris, Mary
Salkeld, Lindsay
Yale, Elaine
Culter, Michele
Deal, Heather
Midmore, Colleen
Pearson, Ilana
Wolfe, Lia
Kruger, Hans
Salkeld, Robin
Beaty, Len
Fitch, George
Wendowsky, Will
Yale, Wesley
Congo, Marilee
He, Qiu wen
Pekarek, Chantal
Petrakis, Kynthia
Plesko, Alison
Wiener, Leah
Benn, Lyn
Brown, Donna
Drysdale, Elaine
McCall, Jane
Merkel, Cathy
Hiller, Jordan
McCall, Stuart
Oracion, Mark
Bartel, Howard
Colbert, Jim
Congo, Jon
Francis, Gordon
Imbach, Alan
Watts, Doug
Watts, Eric
Weremchuk, Ken