Jubilate Vocal Ensemble | Member Guidelines
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Member Guidelines

Attendance and Punctuality

Regular rehearsals are Monday evenings (including most long weekends) at the Unitarian Church on the corner of 49th Ave. and Oak Street. Click here for a map.


Regular rehearsals begin promptly at 7:30 pm and run until 9:30 pm. Singers are asked to arrive by 7:20 pm. Rehearsals may run until 9:45 as the concert dates approach or at the director’s discretion. Singers are also expected to attend one sectional rehearsal each term. Dress rehearsals occur on the evening before concerts from 7:30 until 10 pm.


Click here for the choir calendar.


The first and most important step towards accomplishing something is simply showing up.


Singers are permitted one absence per concert term. Those missing more than one rehearsal during term one, for any reason, must attend the make-up rehearsal at the director’s residence, usually on a Sunday afternoon.


$300 per year, non-refundable. $150 for students. Make cheques out to “Jubilate”. Total amount payable in September, or in two instalments in September and February. Fees contribute toward the costs of our director, publicity, rental of facilities and performance venues, ticket & program printing, festival entry fees, etc.

Concert Attire

Men – tuxedos.
Women – black, formal, floor-length garments. Details to be disclosed at September rehearsal.

Ticket Sales

A commitment to singing with Jubilate entails a parallel commitment to bring our concerts to a growing audience base. We count on our choir members to promote concerts (put up posters, make announcements on facebook, etc) and sell tickets to friends, relatives and acquaintances.

Constitution and Bylaws

We are a registered charity, and our legal name is Jubilate Vocal Ensemble Society. Our official constitution and bylaws are available here.